World map of biomes
World map of biomes
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Scientists have split our earth into special areas. These large areas are called biomes. Each biome has its own special climate. Climate is the weather in a place over time. Each biome has its own plants and animals. The plants and animals must fit into their biome. This is called adaptation.

Scientists sort the earth into biomes by climate. Biomes are also divided by water and soil. The tundra is the coldest biome. The taiga biome is also cold. The deciduous forest biome is covered with trees.

The tropical rainforest is hot and wet. The grassland biome has good soil for grasses. The desert biome is hot and dry. The marine biome is a wet area. The freshwater biome is water, too.

Each biome has its own special plants. Each biome has it own animals, too. Every biome on earth is unique.

Our world is one large biome. Plants and animals live together on our planet. People live in many different areas on the earth. They must adapt to where they live.

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