Close-up of two Arizona poppies
Close-up of two Arizona poppies
A field of wild Arizona poppies
A field of wild Arizona poppies
Arizona Poppy
Topic(s):   Desert Life
Quick Facts
Class plant
Size under 6 inches tall

The Arizona poppy is a bright orange flower with a red spot in the middle. It can be found in the deserts of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. It blooms from July to October.

A seed must be several years old before it can grow. The Arizona poppy does not need much water to live. It grows in flat, sandy grasslands.

The Arizona poppy has many stems. Each stem has 4 to 10 leaves. The leaves and stems are covered with yellow and white hairs. This flower does not give off any smell. Insects like the pollen and nectar of the flower. The pollen of the Arizona poppy has been known to bother some people’s eyes.

Once the flower blooms, it only stays open for one day.

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