Topic(s):   Fish, Freshwater
Quick Facts
Type of Animal fish
Habitat freshwater: lakes, ponds, rivers, streams
Diet insects, crustaceans, fish eggs
Length 5 inches to 40 inches (13 centimeters to 102 centimeters)
Weight varies
Predators bass, pike
Endangered no

Carp are found worldwide. This fish is very common. It is also called Koi. A carp is similar to goldfish. It likes to live in fresh water lakes, streams and rivers. It also lives in ponds and aquariums. The carp is a strong fish. It can live in just about any habitat.

The carp is a very colorful fish. It can be black, red, orange or white. You may see a carp that has all these colors.

A carp swims with other carp in small groups. A large adult will live alone. It eats a variety of foods. It often feeds off the bottom of streams and lakes.

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