The Olympic torch
The Olympic torch
Athletes from around the world compete <br>in the Olympics.
Athletes from around the world compete
in the Olympics.
Opening celebration of the <br>2008 Summer Olympics
Opening celebration of the
2008 Summer Olympics
President Bush at the opening of <br>the 2008 Olympic Games
President Bush at the opening of
the 2008 Olympic Games
Gold medals
Gold medals
Team victory
Team victory
Celebrating individual medals
Celebrating individual medals
*Summer Olympics*
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Quick Facts
Year started Ancient Olympic games - 776 B.C.
Place Ancient Olympics - plains of Olympia, Greece
Year started Modern Olympic games - 1896
Place Modern Olympics - Athens, Greece

The Summer Olympic Games are held every four years. The Summer Olympic Games are held at a different world city each time. There are many people at the games. The people are from all over the world.

Men and women win medals. Gold is for first place. Silver is for second place. Bronze is for third place.

People take part in many sports. The sports are called events. Some of the sports have more than one event. Some events are for both men and women. Some events are for men only. Other events are for women only.

It is important to take part. It is less important to win. The games are about the fun. The Olympics are about playing sports. The games are also about friendship. The Summer Olympic Games are like a big party for the world.

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