A Cheyenne Family
A Cheyenne Family
A Cheyenne Chief
A Cheyenne Chief
Cheyenne Tribe
Topic(s):   Native Americans
Quick Facts
Location Great Plains of South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas
Type of home wigwam
Famous leader Little Wolf

The Cheyenne Tribe had their own government, laws, police, and other services. The tribe lived in permanent villages of lodges or dome-shaped wigwams.

Cheyenne children liked to play, go to school, and help around the house. Leaders wore tall feather headdresses. Men wore their hair in braids. Women wore their hair in braids or loose. Men wore a breechcloth, leggings and moccasin shoes. Women wore long deerskin dresses and high-fringed boots. The Cheyenne painted their faces for special events.

Women had the job of harvesting corn, squash and beans. Men did the fishing and hunted for deer and buffalo. They used bows and arrows, clubs and hide shields.

There are many Cheyenne still around today. They speak mostly English but some still speak their native language.

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