The official portrait of Abraham Lincoln
The official portrait of Abraham Lincoln
Lincolnas a young man
Lincolnas a young man
Photo taken shortly after Lincoln <br>became president
Photo taken shortly after Lincoln
became president
Lincoln visiting Union troops in 1862
Lincoln visiting Union troops in 1862
Lincoln reading with his son, Tad
Lincoln reading with his son, Tad
Photo of Lincoln taken <br>one month before his death
Photo of Lincoln taken
one month before his death
Drawing of the assassination of <br>Abraham Lincoln
Drawing of the assassination of
Abraham Lincoln
#16 Lincoln, Abraham
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Quick Facts
Full Name Abraham Lincoln
Born February 12, 1809 (Hardin County, Kentucky)
Died April 15, 1865 (Washington, D.C.)
President Number 16
Dates in Office March 4, 1861 to April 15, 1865
Vice-Presidents Hannibal Hamlin (1861-1865)
& Andrew Johnson (1865)
Party Affiliation Republican
First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln
Occupation(s) farmer, rail splitter, shopkeeper, postmaster, storeowner, lawyer
Other Jobs allowed poor people to get land, won the Civil War, banned slavery, kept the United Sates together

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. His parents were pioneers. Early on, the family had to move to Indiana. When Abe was nine years old, his mother died. His father remarried. Abeís stepmother was very kind to Lincoln.

Growing up, Abraham taught himself to read. He only went to school for a total of 18 months over the years. Abraham loved to read. He would walk long distances to borrow books.

As a young man, Lincoln settled in central Illinois. He worked at chopping wood. He also was a shopkeeper, postmaster, and a storeowner. In 1836, Lincoln became a lawyer. Abraham Lincoln was elected president 1860. He was re-elected 1864.

Abraham Lincoln was against slavery. He wanted all the slaves to be free. The southern states of America wanted to keep slaves. He was president during the Civil War. In early April 1865, the Civil War was nearly over. The South had lost. America stayed as one country. Slavery was banned. On April 14, 1865, Lincoln was shot. An angry southerner shot him. He was the first President killed in office.

Abraham Lincoln was known as Honest Abe. He was our tallest president. He was 6 feet 4 inches tall. He was the first president to wear a beard. He was also the first President to have his picture taken when he took office.

Lincolnís face is on the penny and the 5-dollar bill. His face is also carved on Mt. Rushmore.

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