Black Mamba
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Quick Facts
Type of Animal Reptile
Habitat Savanna, woodland, rocky hills on the continent of Africa
Diet rats, squirells, birds, lizards, bats
Migration no
Life span up to 12 years
Poisonous yes
Male male
Female female
Baby snakelet
Group nest, bed, pit
Predators raptors, other snakes, people
Endangered no

The black mamba is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. This six to nine foot snake can travel up to 12 mph when striking. If scared, it raises its head three or four feet off the ground. It opens its hood and shakes its head. The black mamba is not black, but the inside of its mouth is black.

The black mamba gives many quick bites. Two drops of venom can kill a person. A bite may have up to 20 drops. A person must be treated quickly or die. Luckily, the black mamba does not like to be close to people. It will try to hide when it sees someone coming.

In the spring, this mamba goes through a long mating process. The female lays six to 17 eggs. They hatch two or three months later. The young snakes must take care of themselves.

One black mamba lived 11 years while in captivity. In the wild, it would not live as long. The black mamba can be found in the southern part of Africa.

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