Map of Afghanistan
Map of Afghanistan
Location of Afghanistan
Location of Afghanistan
Flag of Afghanistan
Flag of Afghanistan
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Quick Facts
Official Name Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Continent Asia
Area in Sq Miles 251,738
Rank by Size 41 of 194
Independence (date) August 19, 1919
Government Islamic republic
Leaders Title(s) President
Language(s) Dari, Pashto
Money Afghani
Population 33,332,025 (July 2016 est.)
Rank by Population 40 of 194
Capital City Kabul
Largest City Kabul
Major Natural Resource(s) natural gas, petroleum, coal, copper
Major Agriculture Product(s) opium, wheat, fruits, nuts
Major Import(s) machinery, food, textiles, petroleum products
Major Export(s) opium, fruits, nuts, handwoven carpets, wool, cotton


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