A six-week old kitten
A six-week old kitten
A playful kitten
A playful kitten
A gray blotched coated cat
A gray blotched coated cat
Close-up of an American shorthair face
Close-up of an American shorthair face
An American shorthair with its friend, a rabbit
An American shorthair with its friend, a rabbit
An adult American shorthair cat
An adult American shorthair cat
American Shorthair Cat
Topic(s):   Cats (Tame)
Quick Facts
Type of Animal mammal
Country of Origin United States
Group/Type shorthair
Weight 8 to 15 pounds (3 to 7 kilograms)
Life Span 15 to 20 years
Male tom
Female queen
Baby kitten
Group clutter
Endangered no

The first American shorthair cats came to America on the Mayflower. These cats sailed with the Pilgrims in 1620. Their job was to kill rats on the ship. If left alone, rats and mice would spoil the food supply. These cats were called mousers because they were very good at catching mice and rats.

The American shorthair is a stocky cat. Stocky means its body is thick or sturdy. The tail is medium length and thick at the end. Its ears have rounded tips. This cat has a large head. Its body is longer than it is wide. The American shorthair has a strong neck. Its legs are also muscular.

The coat of an American shorthair cat is thick and dense. Having a thick coat protects this cat from all kinds of weather. Its coat can be different colors. Some coats are blue cream. Some cats have coats that are the color of black smoke. Other cats may have coats that are mixed with red, black, and white fur. Most cat owners like the silver coat color best.

The American shorthair is independent. It can take care of itself. This cat is easygoing. It is also very playful. It likes to be around children. The American shorthair cat makes a wonderful family pet.

Cat Fact: Cats have more bones than humans. Humans have 206 Bones. Cats have about 230 bones in their bodies.

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