Daniel Boone of folk lore
Daniel Boone of folk lore
The real Daniel Boone
The real Daniel Boone
Leading settlers to Kentucky
Leading settlers to Kentucky
Boonesborough in 1775
Boonesborough in 1775
Portrait of Daniel Boone
Portrait of Daniel Boone
The legend of Daniel Boone with a coonskin hat
The legend of Daniel Boone with a coonskin hat
Boone, Daniel <br>Frontiersman
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Quick Facts
Full name Daniel Boone
Born October 22 or November 2, 1734 (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Died September 26, 1820 (St. Charles County, Missouri)
Nationality American
Occupation(s) explorer, pioneer, folk hero
Major Achievement(s) explored and settled Kentucky, soldier in the American Revolutionary War

The real Daniel Boone did not wear a coon skin cap. He wore a felt or beaver hat with a wide brim. He grew up in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Boone did not go to school. His family taught him how to read and write. He learned to be a woodsman.

Boone served in the French and Indian War. After the war, Daniel married Rebeccah Bryan. They had ten children.

Boone and some friends went to Kentucky in 1767 and again in 1769. They blazed the trail through the Cumberland Gap. Later, Boone tried to lead settlers west. They were attacked by Indians and had to turn back. Boone tried again two years later with another group.

Boone and his settlers built a fort in Kentucky. They called it Boonesborough. Indians tried to destroy the fort. They took Boone’s daughter and two other girls. Boone led the group that got the girls back. Boone was captured by Indians. He escaped. Boone was captain of the militia during the Revolution. He served in many different government jobs in the new land.

Daniel had bad luck with money. He claimed land in Kentucky and later in Missouri. His claims failed. He was robbed when he was taking settlers’ money west to buy land for them. The settlers wanted their money back. Boone finally paid them back years later.

Boone moved to West Virginia and then to Missouri. In 1814, Congress gave him back some of his land in thanks for his service.

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