The official portrait of Harry S. Truman
The official portrait of Harry S. Truman
Harry Truman, age 13
Harry Truman, age 13
Captain Truman during World War II
Captain Truman during World War II
Vice-President Truman <br>with President Franklin Roosevelt
Vice-President Truman
with President Franklin Roosevelt
Photo of President Truman
Photo of President Truman
The First Family: Harry, Bess <br>and daughter, Margaret
The First Family: Harry, Bess
and daughter, Margaret
Harry Truman liked playing the piano.
Harry Truman liked playing the piano.
#33 Truman, Harry
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Quick Facts
Full Name Harry S. Truman
Born May 8, 1884 (Lamar, Missouri)
Died December 26, 1972 (Independence, Missouri)
President Number 33
Dates in Office April 12, 1945 to January 20, 1953
Vice-President none (1945-1949), Alben W. Barkley (1949 -1953)
Party Affiliation Democratic
First Lady Bess Truman
Occupation(s) bank clerk, farmer, businessman, politician
Major Accomplishment(s) U. S. senator, ended World War II, declared war against North Korea, worked for civil rights

Harry Truman was born and raised in Missouri. He graduated from high school in 1901. After high school, he had several jobs in Kansas City. In 1906, Harry moved back home. He worked on the family farm.

Truman served in the National Guard during World War I. He was a captain. After the war, he stayed in the Army reserve.

In 1934, Truman became a U.S. senator for Missouri. He was known for his honesty. In 1944, Truman was elected vice-president with Roosevelt as president.

Harry S. Truman became president when Franklin Roosevelt died suddenly. In his first year as president, Truman brought an end to the war in Europe. He made a very hard decision to drop two atomic bombs on Japan. After that, Japan surrendered to the United States. World War II was finally over.

President Truman decided to run again for president. During his 1948 campaign he took a 30,000 mile train trip around the United States. Many people came out at each stop to hear him speak. The people liked what they heard. Truman won the election.

As president, Truman tried to stop the spread of communism. He also tried to protect the civil rights of all citizens.

Truman was the first president to give a speech on TV.

During his free time, Truman liked to play cards, horseshoes, and the piano.

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