The official portrait of George H.W. Bush
The official portrait of George H.W. Bush
The official photo of George H.W. Bush
The official photo of George H.W. Bush
Bush, World War II navy pilot
Bush, World War II navy pilot
Wedding Day of George and Barbara
Wedding Day of George and Barbara
A young Bush family
A young Bush family
President Bush meeting troops <br>before Desert Storm
President Bush meeting troops
before Desert Storm
George W. and George H.W. together in 2012
George W. and George H.W. together in 2012
#41 Bush, George H. W.
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Quick Facts
Full Name George Herbert Walker Bush
Born June 12, 1924 (Milton, Massachusetts)
President Number 41
Dates in Office January 20, 1989 to January 20, 1993
Vice-President Dan Quayle (1989-1993)
Party Affiliation Republican
First Lady Barbara Bush
Occupation(s) miltary officer, businessman, politician
Major Accomplishment(s) World War II hero, vice-president under Reagan, won the Desert Storm War in Iraq, U.S. congressman, ambassador to the United Nations, CIA Director

George Herbert Walker Bush was born in Massachusetts. His family moved to Connecticut when he was a young boy. The Bush family was wealthy. George Bush was raised to help other people.

Right after finishing high school, George Bush joined the U.S. Navy. He wanted to fight in World War II. George Bush became a pilot. He flew 58 combat missions. Bush was a war hero.

In 1945, George married Barbara. Together they had six children. Sadly, one child named Robin, died at a very young age.

Also in 1945, George Bush started college. In college, Bush played baseball. He was a good student. After college, George moved his family to Texas.

In Texas, George Bush worked in the oil business. He became a millionaire. Bush was interested in politics. He was a congressman from 1967 to 1971. Between 1971 and 1980, George Bush held several jobs helping the presidents.

Then, in 1980, he was elected vice-president with Ronald Regan as the President. George Bush was vice-president for eight years. After that, he ran for president and was elected in November 1988.

During his years as the president he had to face many world problems. There was a war in Iraq called Desert Storm. The United States won the war. Many people looked at him as the world’s most powerful leader.

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