The official portrait of Anna Harrison
The official portrait of Anna Harrison
Drawing of the house in North Bend, Ohio
Drawing of the house in North Bend, Ohio
Portrait of Anna Harrison
Portrait of Anna Harrison
Drawing of Anna Harrison
Drawing of Anna Harrison
#09 Harrison, Anna
Topic(s):   First Ladies (U.S.)
Quick Facts
Full Name Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison
Born July 25, 1775 (Morristown, New Jersey)
Died February 25, 1864 (North Bend, Ohio)
Nationality American
First Lady Number 9
Dates in the White House none
Occupation(s) wife, mother
Major Achievement(s) wife and grandmother to U.S. Presidents

William Henry Harrison died after one month as President. His wife, Anna, was not yet in Washington. She was at home because she was sick. She was waiting for warm weather to travel.

Anna Harrison was the first First Lady to have a formal education. She went to the best girls schools in New York City.

She met William on the frontier. He was an army officer. Anna's father had doubts about William. He thought he could not support a family. Some sources say that Anna and William eloped. When a couple elopes, they secretly get married. Later on, Annaís father grew to like and respect his son-in-law.

Anna and William Harrison had ten children. Anna's large family kept her busy. She taught her children at home.

Anna loved to read. She read newspapers and journals on the frontier to stay up to date. The Harrisons founded schools in Indiana and Ohio.

Anna did not want William to run for president. They were already in their 60's. She wanted him to stay home. Anna wept when he won the election.

Anna lived on for 22 years after her husband died. She kept a small museum in her home. On display were many of Williamís things. She outlived all but one of her children.

Anna is the only woman to be wife and grandmother to presidents. Her grandson, Benjamin Harrison, became the 23rd President of the United States.

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