Colonists dumping tea
Colonists dumping tea

Protesting the tea tax
Protesting the tea tax


The Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston Harbor
The Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston Harbor
Boston Tea Party
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The colonists liked tea. It was their favorite drink. When Britain put a new tax on tea, they decided not to drink it. They did not think Britain had the right to tax them.

Many colonies protested the tea tax. Colonists in Maryland set fire to a ship carrying tea. Mobs in New York City and Philadelphia kept tea from being unloaded on the docks. Boston had the biggest protest. It was called the Boston Tea Party.

There were three ships loaded with tea in Boston harbor. Angry patriots painted their faces. They dressed as Mohawk Indians so that no one would know who they were. They rowed out to the ships at night. They dumped 342 crates of tea into the harbor.

They did the job quietly and neatly. It took about three hours. People watched from the shore. They approved of the tea party.

Britainís response was harsh. The British closed Boston harbor. They ordered Boston colonists to pay for the tea. More British troops were sent to keep the peace in Boston. Patriots across the colonies felt these actions were very unfair.

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