An adult Adelie penguin
An adult Adelie penguin
An Adelie walking
An Adelie walking
Adelie penguins sunning
Adelie penguins sunning
A waddle of Adelie penguins
A waddle of Adelie penguins
Adelie Penguin
Topic(s):   Penguins
Quick Facts
Type of Animal bird
Habitat arctic tundra in Antarctica
Diet krill, lantern fish, squid, silverfish
Migration yes
Life span up to 15 years
Male male
Female female
Baby chick
Group adults - waddle; chicks - rookery
Predators of eggs/young polar skua birds, sheathbill birds
Predators of adult birds leopard seals, killer whales
Endangered no

The Adelie penguin is a small penguin that lives in Antarctica. The Adelie penguin is about two feet (less than one meter) tall. It weighs about 13 pounds (six kilograms).

The Adelie penguin has a white front and a black back. Its head is black, too. It has a long tail. The Adelie penguin has black eyes with white rings around them. It has a black beak.

The Adelie penguin uses small rocks to build its nest. Sometimes it will steal stones from its neighbor! The female lays two green eggs. Both the female and the male help keep the eggs warm.

A baby Adelie stays with its parents until it is eight weeks old. Then it searches for its own food. The Adelie penguin chick grows faster than any other kind of penguin.

The Adelie penguin spends the winter in the water. It rests on icebergs floating in the water. The rest of the year it lives on land.

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