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Abolitionist Movement
Topic(s):   Black History (U.S.)

An abolitionist was a black or a white person who did not like slavery and wanted to end it. A movement is an act that is meant to change something. So, the Abolitionist Movement was about groups of black and white people who worked to stop slavery.

Slave owners in the United States wanted slavery to continue. The slave owners needed many workers to take care of their large plantations or farms. African slaves were cheaper than paid workers. Many slave owners had hundreds of slaves.

Slave masters did not always treat their slaves well. Some owners were afraid that if the slaves were freed, the slaves might take over the plantations or hurt the owners. Many slaves ran away. Some slaves did fight back against cruel masters.

Many times, an abolitionist would help runaway slaves escape to free states in the North. The abolitionists were part of the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a group of secret stops and homes. The slaves could find safety there as they escaped to the North.

Each year, the Underground Railroad helped over 1,000 slaves escape. More and more people were seeing how bad slavery was.

The people of the United States could not agree. Abolitionists wanted slavery to end. Slave owners said it was needed. The slave owners made laws to catch runaway slaves and return them to their masters. The abolitionists fought back!

In April 1861, the slave owning states separated from the United States and the American Civil War began. The abolitionists told President Abraham Lincoln that he needed to stop slavery. In January 1863, Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation that said all slaves were set free.

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