Digestive System
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Digestion happens when the food you eat is broken down into nutrients. Nutrients are things your body needs to keep you healthy.

The first part of digestion happens in your mouth. Your teeth, tongue and saliva, or spit, all help to start breaking down food. After your mouth finishes, the food (which is all mashed up now) goes down your throat and into your stomach. Your stomach turns the food into a liquidy mixture. Then, the food goes into the small intestine.

The small intestine is a long tube that is not really small at all. It is actually twenty-two feet long! The job of the small intestine is to take all of the nutrients out of the food and put them into your blood, so the nutrients can get to the rest of your body. Next, your food goes into the large intestine. It is called the large intestine because it is thicker than the small intestine. Finally, whatever is left of your food leaves the body and is flushed down the toilet.

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